Sunday, January 30, 2005

Williams Rsvp

Jacque and Demond are coming. Keiota could not get out of work.


Thursday, January 27, 2005



Who's excited?!?!?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hey, guys. This is Claudia. I am excited to report that everyone is confirmed for the ball from my end. And Tre and Courtney are coming as well. We all arrive Thursday night after 8pm. Someone come get us, kay?

I hope everyone enjoyed the pics I emailed out. I would recommend not buying them off the website, Dad, but buying them from the photographer himself. They will be much clearer from the negative than from the website. I bought a dress for the ball. If anyone wants to see it, here is the link to it.

Also, wes is going to add a comment right after this so get ready!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Ok, so Wes and I will be there. We already got our tickets and we arrive Thursday night at 8:45pm.

More importantly: Can someone spell mom's name right, PLEASE!!!!!!
(But I see Erby is spelled correctly!)

Sorry, I find that just a LITTLE ha-larious!

Monday, January 17, 2005

To all Everettes, Williams, and Praters

Hello one and all you Everette Bloggers:

Hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying MLK Day.

Its official now. The list for the Everette Zulu Carnival Ball is as follows:

Anna and W.T. Everette, Jr.
Claudia and Wes Prater
Jackie and Demond Williams
Courtney and Tre Everette
Dr. and Dr. Wes Prater
Djenaba Prater
Keotha Williams

Please confirm if you can not attend.


Ana Erby Everette

Monday, January 10, 2005

Anybody have some digital pics??

So I'm collecting pictures of any event. If you have any digital pictures, send me some. Jackie and Demond, you said you would send me pictures months ago...what happened? Claudia and Spencer, I am sure you have some wonderful pictures from the respective new year celebrations. Vegas...oh yeah, let's see em. New York...give em up.

Spencer, I didn't intend to leave you out. I just wanted to let you participate at your own risk. Just like Claudia's newsletter, I want to hear about the fun you two are having in that corner of the nation from both of you. Don't worry though, I had just finished harassing Jackie and Demond to chime in. Luckily Claudia is on her game because you were next.

Bythebye - $150 later, my car is all better now. For anyone purchasing a used car, I definitely recommend extended warranties. My five year warranty has paid for itself in three years. Just a thought...


Thursday, January 06, 2005



Tuesday, January 04, 2005


ahhh, so i just learned that mom has decided that wes and i will host tgiving 2005 here in new haven. furthermore, this will be followed by a trip to new york so everyone can visit and tour nyc. isn't this interesting? mom has invited all of you to my house for me. interesting. it would be nice although everyone (except tre if he is by himself) would have to get a hotel room (and tre wouldn't bc he could sleep on our futon).

i would love for everyone to see where we live and the downtown area we walk around all the time. i think erby has decided that she loves nyc for whatever reason and now we all have to love it as well. i have no idea how you guys feel about nyc but their strategy for visiting over new years was great between the hotel, its location, catching the train, etc.

anyways, everyone start planning and saving so you can all come up here for tgiving (and it prob won't be as snowy as chicago was since it hasn't snowed that much here this year at all). i am going to take a nap before my friend, yolanda, comes to pick me up to get wes from the airport. i will try to get wes to write about his las vegas trip. OH! mom also wants us to go to las vegas with her and dad in ?july? definitely sometime over the summer.

and to start a major fam discussion, everyone give their opinion on if wes and i should stay up here in new england after he graduates. dad thinks i should go to yale and wes should work at yale hospital. we have really been discussing if we would like to stay this far from family. so if anyone has ideas or opinions, please let me know.

and yes, tre, i read some of your other blog. interesting..........

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!!

Well we're entering another year of fun, work and exciting times. So does anybody have big plans for this year?